How can I do if the University has a bad debt write off the record that shouldn’t have to me?

I transferred from DePaul University to my current University in 2017. Recently, I’m applying for graduate school that requests official transcripts from both Universities.  But DePaul University refused my request because there was a bad debt write off in my record. I asked them, they told me that there was a remaining balance that must be paid before you will be eligible to access your transcript.  From their email: “If you transferred during that quarter the courses were not dropped which meant that you would have been responsible for payment as you were enrolled causing another student not to be in a position to take those courses.” However, during the Spring Quarter of 2017, I notified DePaul University that I was leaving and would not be attending any classes in the Fall Quarter of 2017.  I browsed the official DePaul online, and saw “Withdrawals processed via the web or through direct contact with the home school/college office are effective the day on which they are made.” Since I am an international student, the college office also transferred my I-20 to another University after Spring Quarter in 2017. So, the college knew about transferring. 

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